TBRA Race and Rider Stats  

The following reports are generated from information contained in the TBRA results database, and can be used by race promoters, team managers, and riders in helping to understand the rider base at Tennessee races.

All of the reports are selectable by year and go back as far as 2008. The availability for each discipline is as follows:
  • Mountain Bike: full 2008 season onward
  • Road: final omnium of 2008 and then full 2009 season onward
  • Cyclocross: full 2008/2009 season onward
Please feel free to contact the TBRA Webmaster if you have any questions about the reports or if you would like to see any additional reports.
  Summary Statistics
Overall field counts by race, category, hometown, club/team, etc... Available in aggregate or by discipline.
  • View at race counts broken down several ways; which mountain bike events were the largest? how did my time trial event stack up compared to the other TT's?
  • View riders counts by BAR category for the entire season and see how they compare to other fields. Is Masters 50-59 really the largest Masters category? (yes, for two straight years now)
  • For a given category, look at the attendance by race. See which races had large Women's fields, or see which mountain bike races the Singlespeeders preferred.
  • View rider counts by hometown for the year either in aggregate or by discipline. The rider demographics report below may also be helpful here.
  • For a given state, look at the rider counts for each hometown in that state. ie where in Kentucky did we pull riders from? etc...
  • For a given hometown, look at how many riders participated in each race. ie for the riders that came up from Birmingham AL, which races did they attend?
  • View overall rider counts by team. ie how many entries for each discipline did my team have for the year?
  • For a given team, see which races they attended and how many entries they had at each race.
  Race Detail Statistics
This page will display several reports for a single race.
  • Rider counts at both the field and category level (ie the Pro/1/2 race had X riders, and there were X Pro/1's and X Cat 2's in the race).
  • Rider counts for each team in the race, as well as rider counts by hometown and state are shown.
  • Age breakouts are also shown for each field and overall.
  Rider Demographics
This page will display three levels of rider location demographics for one or more races.
  • You can select a single race, multiple races, or even an entire discipline at a time and view the rider counts by hometown.
  • In addition to hometown, you may also look at the locations at a broader 'MSA' level or an even broader 'Extended MSA' level.
  • Using the Nashville market as an example, the 'Hometown' level would show separate rider counts for Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, etc. The 'MSA' level would roll these three cities into a single 'Nashville MSA' entry. A broader rollup for the 'Nashville Extended MSA' could include cities such as Gallatin, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, etc.
  • Each of the MSA and Extended MSA field have a popup window associated with them that will document which cities are included in that MSA level.
  • Please note that all of the rollup data in the MSA and Extended MSA sections is contingent on mapping an individual hometown to a larger MSA. While this is an ongoing manual process, the mapping of the most common locations has been completed. The quality of the reports will continue to improve as the smaller cities are mapped to their respective MSA's.
  Rider Demographics Map
This page will provide a visual map of rider counts by hometown for a given race.
  • You can click on a marker for a hometown and see the list of riders from that hometown that competed in the race.
  Historical Field Counts
For a given event or entire discipline, this page will compare field counts throughout the years.
  • There are also overall attendance trends that show the annualized increases or decreases in attendance.
  Club / Team Statistics
This page will provide rider counts and demographic information for a given club or team.
  • In addition to selecting a specific club or team, you may also select all clubs/teams and see combined information for riders from all clubs.
  • You also have the ability to filter the results by discipline (road, mountain, cyclocross)
  Rider Statistics
This page is in the early stages of development, but will continue to be expanded.
  • This will document how many races a rider has competed in throughout the year. For example: there were X riders that did exactly one road event; there were X riders that did a total of exactly two events between all disciplines, etc... You may also look at the rider counts for only TN racers.