Promoter Guidelines
TBRA Website Race Listing

General Notes

The race listing page is meant to be a summary page containing all the relevant information and links for a given race. The detailed race listing page is accessed by clicking on the link for an individual race from the Race Schedule page.

Much of the information on the page will automatically be populated by the TBRA Webmaster, but other information (such as optional social media links) may need to be manually submitted to the TBRA Webmaster by the promoter.

The primary contact is TBRA Webmaster Bill Parsons.

The following are notes on the various components of the race listing page, and here is a sample race listing to follow along with.

Contact Information

The promoter should verify that the primary contact listed for the race is correct.

  • The contact can be either an individual (such as the race director) or a distro type email address for the club or the event.
  • An optional phone number can be included in the contact info if desired.

Online Registration

This will provide a direct link to your online registration page.

  • Please note that online pre-registration should not open until your event is officially permitted with USAC.
  • This does not, however, prevent posting a link to the registration page before the permit is final as long as registration is not yet open.


This is a direct link to either the club Facebook page or the Facebook event page for your specific race.


This is a direct link to either the club Twitter account or the Twitter account for your specific race.

Twitter Hashtag

This is the official Twitter hashtag to be used at the event. Clicking on this link will bring up the Twitter search page utilizing this hashtag.

  • The fact that a club may not have a Twitter account does not necessarily preclude assigning a hashtag for the event.
  • Pick a hashtag that is unique to your event, without being overly common or overly complex.
  • Encourage other Twitter users to use this hashtag throughout the weekend for your event.


The link for the Stats page will become active after the results for that event have been uploaded into the TBRA database.

That Stats page for an event can provide valuable information for a promoter looking to better understand their event and their customers, including:

  • Field counts
  • Rider demographics (rider hometowns, rider counts by market, club/team counts...)
  • Historical comparison (view history of field counts for your race)
  • and more...

In addition to stats for an individual event, there are also summary stats for all events that will allow a promoter to compare their event to other events in the state.


The photo link will automatically populate as media links (photos or videos) for your event are added to the Photos page.

Contact the TBRA Webmaster if you know of links that should be added to the page.

Race Sponsors

TBRA makes a concerted effort to acknowledge the race sponsors for each event.

The TBRA Webmaster will typically take the sponsors listed on the official race flyer and add them to the race listing page.

To-Do list for the promoter:

  • Verify that the sponsor list on the race listing page is appropriate.
  • If there are missing sponsors, notify the TBRA Webmaster in order to get them added.
  • It is quite possible that a given sponsor has already been catalogued in our Ad Database, and if so, the promoter will not need to send an image or any contact information for the sponsor.
  • In the event that a sponsor is not in our database, the TBRA Webmaster can usually acquire a suitable image if the promoter does not have one readily available.
  • Promoters should continue to monitor the sponsors on their race listing page throughout the permitting process and through race day to make sure the list is accurate.

Sponsor logos are displayed on the website in multiple locations:

  • Race Listing page
  • Results page after the event
  • Random rotation on the homepage both before and after the event