Online Pre-Registration Notes
USA Cycling Registration


After the close of registration, the promoter will need to review/download five primary files and send them to the registration coordinator.

  1. Rider registration data
  2. Unsigned pre-populated release forms for riders that did not sign electronically
  3. Blank release form pre-populated with only the basic information for the event
  4. One day license report showing riders that purchased a one-day license online
  5. Pend/Suspend report

To begin, the promoter should login to their USA Cycling account, select the appropriate event page, and then select [Manage event registrations].

1. Registration Data

While there are several file formats available for download, the Race Manager format is specifically designed to import directly into TBRA's Race Manager software.

In the 'Download CSV' line, select the [Race Manager] pre-defined format from the dropdown box. Leave all the other defaults as is, select [Get Report], and save the CSV file on your computer.

2. Release Forms (unsigned)

While the USA Cycling online registration does accept electronic signatures for rider release forms, there are several scenarios where a rider may not have signed an electronic release form. In these cases, the promoter will need to download a pre-populated release form for the rider and have the rider (and a parent/guardian for Juniors) sign it on race day. The most common cases where a rider will not have a signed electronic release form are:

  • Junior Riders:
    Riders under the age of 18 do not have the authority to sign an electronic release form.
  • Riders registered by another person:
    This happens most frequently when a team manager signs up an entire team, or when a family registers multiple family members at once.
  • Riders that elected not to sign electronically:
    The rider may choose not to sign electronically (either on purpose or by accident).

To download the pre-populated release forms that will need to be wet signed on race day, perform the following:

In the 'Download PDF Order' line, select [Last Name] from the dropdown box (this should be the default), click the [Required Event Waivers] link and save the resulting pdf file on your computer.

3. Release Form (blank)

The promoter may also want to download a blank release form (pre-populated with only with the race name and date) and make copies for race day walk-ups.

In the 'Download PDF Order' line, click the [Blank Event Waiver] link and save the resulting pdf file on your computer.

4. One Day License Reports

The USAC online registration system allows riders to purchase a one-day license online as part of the registration process. Payment is made online directly to USAC and does not need to be collected on race day.

To download a file of the one-day license purchases, perform the following:

Even though the rider has paid for the one-day license online, it is important to have a list of one-day license riders when using the Race Manager software as these riders need to be specifically flagged inside the software as one-day license riders. USAC will assign these riders a license #, although this license # does not represent an annual license, and will need to be noted as such.

Click on the [One Day License Report] link and save the resulting CSV file on your computer.

5. Pend/Suspend Report

Registrars need to download or view the Pend/Suspend report to confirm that no registered riders are in pended or suspended status.

To download a file of the pended/suspended riders, perform the following:

Click on the [Pend/Suspend Report] link and save the resulting CSV file on your computer.