September 27, 2017


As we look forward to the impending cyclocross season, we wanted to look back and congratulate our BAR jerseys winners from the 2017 TBRA Road Series.

Here are the 2017 jersey winners:

Pro/1: Brendan Housler (I Am Racing)

Cat 2: Timothy Killelea (Nashville Local Cycling)

Cat 3: Georg Pingen (Lift Center Racing)

Cat 4: Tate deLottinville (I Am Racing)

Masters 35+: David Koonce (MOAB Masters Racing)

Masters 45+: Jeffrey Kauppi (MOAB Masters Racing)

Masters 50+: Dirk Pohlmann (Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team)

Masters 60+: Chris Daffin (MOAB Masters Racing)

Jr 9-14: Jacob Pingen (Lift Center Racing)

Jr 15-16: Jacob Kuper (I Am Racing)

Jr 17-18: Hunter Connell (Bike N' Tri - Health Factory Race Team)

Jr 9-14 F: Eleanor Israel

Jr 15-16 F: Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)

Jr 17-18 F: Faith Stoller (Nashville Local Cycling)

Women 1/2: Jessica Edens (Nashville Local Cycling)

Women 3: Gracie Pendleton (Nashville Local Cycling)

Women 4: Michaela Hall (Nashville Local Cycling)

Complete podiums for the 2017 TBRA Road Series are on the Awards Page here.

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