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  Micro Metals/Bike Zoo (KNOXVILLE, TN)
2017 Club Information
Club Name: Southern Cycling Operations (SCO)
Team Name: Micro Metals/Bike Zoo
Location: Knoxville, TN
Club Contact: Steve Bacon
Contact Email:
Online: USA Cycling Club Page    
  2017 Teams

  2017 Races Promoted by Southern Cycling Operations (SCO)
2017-05-10RoadKnoxie Crits 2017 - Week #1
2017-05-13RoadThree River Rumble p/b The Roane Alliance - Criterium (TN State Championship) (co-promoter)
2017-06-07RoadKnoxie Crits 2017 - Week #2
2017-06-28RoadKnoxie Crits 2017 - Week #3
2017-07-22RoadUCOR Oak Ridge Velo Classic - Overall (co-promoter)
2017-07-22RoadUCOR Oak Ridge Velo Classic - Road Race (TN State Championship) (co-promoter)
2017-07-22RoadUCOR Oak Ridge Velo Classic - Time Trial (co-promoter)
2017-07-23RoadUCOR Oak Ridge Velo Classic - Criterium (co-promoter)

  2017 Race Results

  2017 Club Roster

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